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Copy Trading (Understanding Contract Trading)

What is MoonXBT copy trading?

Copy-trading refers to an investment method in which investors follow their favorite traders to trade, which can help novice investors save time and avoid losses.

Investors can choose one or more traders to follow. After following the trader, there is no need to manually open and close positions, and they can directly follow the trader to automatically conduct contract transactions without having to watch the order, so as to maximize the profit!

Experienced investors can also apply to become traders. Once investors are being followed, they can get the profit from the follower's profitable orders!

Advantages of Copy Trading:

Come to MoonXBT to be a "follower", regardless of market conditions, strategies, positions, and skills, and make money easily.

1) Safe and reliable

(a) All traders are strictly audited, historical transactions are publicly visible, and data is transparent.

(b) All trader data comes from MoonXBT real market, to ensure that the data is true and valid.

All the records of the orders for copied traders and those who follow can be traced, and the follower can use copy-trading without concerns.

2) Better win-rate!

  1. You can follow multiple traders at the same time to maximize your winning rate and expand your profits. After following, the orders will automatically synchronize the opening/closing actions of traders, no need to watch the market non-stop, no need to study market points, just follow the industry's top strategists, you can increase your winning rate and enjoy high returns.

  2. Your profit from each copy of your order is visible, and profit data is displayed in real-time.

  3. You can modify the copy settings at any time, and you can also copy or close positions at any time, all is under your control.

Copied traders advantages

Come to MoonXBT to be a "trader" and realize the double income from the flow and commissions.

1) Traders can directly get up to 10% of the follower's profit share through copy-trading orders.

2) Massive contract users

(a) The copy-trading function is open to all MoonXBT users, and you can sit on 80000+ contract trading DAUs.

(b) MoonXBT provides high-quality traders with opportunities for flow exposure.

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