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Hold overnight function and overnight fees

Updated: May 16, 2022

Hold overnight function allows the trader to hold their position overnight. Any positions left open overnight will be charged with a fee equal to a specific percentage of the position's value.

  • How to use Hold overnight?

You must turn on the Hold overnight function if you want to keep your position overnight. Hold overnight function is open by default and the fee rate is 0.05%.

  • What to pay attention to when you turn-on Hold overnight?

    1. If you turn-on hold overnight, your trade will be subjected to overnight fee aside from opening and closing fee.

    2. Overnight fee will be deducted automatically from your balance. If you forget to turn-on hold overnight, your order will be closed when your balance is insufficient.

    3. Overnight funding is charged for any position that is carried into a new trading day (0:00 UTC)

  • How are overnight fees calculated?

Overnight fees are charged daily from 00:00-00:05 (UTC).

Overnight fee = Margin * Leverage * Overnight rate

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