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How can I join a Trading Battle?(WEB)

From the web home page, click the [Explore] button, then choose the [Trading Battle] option and click. This will take you to the Battle list in the Battle Trading menu.

Once in the Battle list, you can swipe up and down to scroll through the Trading Battles available to you. Once you have chosen the Trading Battle you want to participate in, click [Join]

  • Before finally confirming to participate, you can view the Trading Battle details registration fee, position, prize pool, and ranking rules. Once you are ready, click [X USDT Join].

  • Click [OK] to join. If successful, [Successfully Participating] will be displayed.

  • When the game starts, click [Trade] to place an order for any trading pairs.

  • Click [Order details] to view the order details

  • View game rewards, prize pool, and "Total Donation Amount". Traders can donate funds to the prize pool before the end of the battle. If you want to increase the prize pool, click "I want to donate".

  • Enter the donation amount, then click “OK”.

Note: Only participants or creators can donate.

  • The prize money is immediately allocated to your account when the game ends.

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