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How to change P&L(take profit and stop loss)?-WEB


1 You can tick the box ‘‘P&L’’, TP and SL settings will be shown automatically.

2 There are three methods on the WEB to set the TP and SL: designated price, ratio, profit or loss amount.

Note: If you don't set it manually, the default maximum TP is 500% and SL is -90%. If you set it manually but don't make any index changes, then the default TP is 200% and SL is 80%.

3 No matter which one you choose, we offer you another two TP/SL prediction results as references.

Note: The setting remains valid after you set the TP and SL manually. When you switch trading pairs, buy/sell or refresh the page, TP and SL go back to the default level. Therefore, please do make sure you check the TP and SL settings when opening a position. After opening the position, you can check the TP/SL settings in the position tab on the trading page.

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