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How to Copy traders?(WEB)

Before explaining how to copy the order, there are several notes to pay attention to before copying:

Copying orders do not support margin call,take-profit and stop loss, leverage is copied by default, and only market orders are supported. Please use the copy-trading function reasonably!

1.Click【Copy-Trading】to get the list of traders.

2.You can scroll through the list or sort according to your preferences, and find the perfect trader.

3.Click the trader information box to directly view the trader’s order information, transaction style, transaction products, profit distribution ratio, transaction data, order data, and copy-trading data.

4.After the setting is complete, click [Follow] to confirm the copy amount and click [ok] to follow successfully

After the follow is successful, the trader you follow will trade, and you will automatically follow the strategy. Please set the copy amount reasonably!

How to adjust copy-trading settings?

1.Enter the [Copy-trading] page and click [My copied trades], where you can view Copy trading data, Current copy trades, History of copy trades, My trader, History of traders, and other information

2.Click [My trader] to find the trader whose settings you need to modify and click [Edit] to enter the settings page.

3.After the adjustment is complete, click [Change settings] and click OK to complete the adjustment!

4.On the settings page, you can also click [Cancel copy trade] in the upper right corner to cancel following

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