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How to open and close a position?(WEB)

Updated: Jun 16, 2022


Open a position:

1 Click ‘'Start Trading Now'’ on the homepage.

2 Select ‘'Buy/Long'’ or ‘'Sell/Short''.

3 Set leverage.

MoonXBT supports 10x-150x leverage. You can choose your preferred leverage by sliding the button on the line option or you can simply input your preferred leverage manually.

4 Input margin.

You can input it manually or slide the button on the line option.

5 Click ‘'Buy/Long'' to open a position.

6 For safety reasons, when you submit the request, a confirmation box will pop up and show the details, click ‘'OK'' to finish placing the order.

Close a position:

1 Select the position that you want to close and click ‘'Close'' on the trading page.

2 Click ''OK'' to confirm.


Learn more about position closing confirmation, click HERE. Learn more about how to enable Take Profit and Stop Loss, click HERE.

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