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How to open and close a position?(APP)

Open a position:

1 After login, click ''Trade'' at the bottom (Figure 1) to enter the trading page. Click the top left corner (Figure 2) to select trading pairs.

2 Select 'Buy' or 'Sell'.

Buy means Long: it’s when you buy at a low price and then sell at a higher price.

Sell means Short: it’s when you sell at a high price then buy at a lower price.

Learn more about Long and Short Positions, click HERE.

3 Select ''Market Order'' or ''Limit Order''.

The default setting on MoonXBT is market order. If you want to switch to Limit Order, click the drop-down menu around Market (Figure 1) and select ''Limit'' and then enter the optimal price(Figure 2).

4 Set the leverage. MoonXBT supports 10x-150x leverage. If you want to change the leverage, click the drop-down menu around ''100x'' to select the preferred leverage. Enter margin and then click ''Buy''.

5 For safety reasons, there will be a pop-up window showing order details. Click 'OK' to place an order.

Note:On MoonXBT, you are allowed to set Take Profit and Stop Loss when opening a position. It will help you take profit and stop loss in advance. Click HERE to know more about it .

Close a position:

1 Go to 'Order' page and click 'Position' to check the profit and loss of the existing positions.If you want to take the profit or stop the loss, you can choose to close the position. Click the ''Position'' tab and select the position that you want to close and click ‘'Close''.

2 Click ''OK'' if you are sure to close the position.

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