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How to Trade MoonXBT's USDT Perpetual Contracts (APP)

Here’s a detailed guide to help you start your first USDT Perpetual Contract trade. Before trading USDT Perpetual contracts, please ensure that you have transferred USDT to your USDT Perpetual contracts account.

Step 1: Go to the MoonXBT app homepage and click the [Future] button to enter the USDT perpetual contracts trading page.

Step 2: MoonXBT offers six order types: Limit, Market, Limit Stop, Market stop, Trailing Stop, Take Profit Limit, and Take Profit Market.

Using the BTC/USDT perpetual limit order as an example, please follow the steps below to place your order.

  • Select order type: Limit.

  • Enter the order price.

  • Enter the quantity.

  • Set your desired leverage.

Please note that Cross Margin is the default for all positions. If you modify the default leverage, your position will change into an Isolated Margin.

5. Choose GTC, IOC, or FOK.

In addition, you can set additional functions according to your investment preferences, such as Post-Only, and Hidden.

6. Click Buy/Long or Sell/Short.

Note: MoonXBT only supports one-way mode in USDT Perpetual Contract trading. Traders can hold either a long or short position in a contract.

Step 3: Next, a confirmation window will appear. After checking the order information, click OK.

You successfully submitted your order!

Next, you can view the order details in the [Position] tab, including Amount, Entry Price, Mark Price, Margin, Liquidation price and Realized P&L.

You can also click the information button to view your historical or currently held orders.

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