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📢 MoonXBT Daily News 07.21

🔸Bitcoin price dips under $23K after earnings report reveals Tesla sold 75% of its BTC. READ HERE 🗞

🔸Tesla sells $936 million worth of bitcoin in the second quarter, and still holds Dogecoin. READ HERE 🗞

🔸DOGE, ADA Move to Multi-Week Highs on Wednesday. READ HERE 🗞

🔸What’s next for the future of Ethereum? Mihailo Bjelic from Polygon explains. READ HERE 🗞

🔸Microsoft’s Minecraft to Ban NFTs on Game Servers, Derivative NFT Projects. READ HERE 🗞

🔸MoonXBT V5.0 is coming soon! To provide our users with more abundant transactions, MoonXBT will release USDT Perpetual Contract soon! READ HERE 🗞

🌕 MoonXBT Global Team

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