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📢 MoonXBT Daily News 08.01

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

🔸BTC dips below $23.5K. READ HERE 🗞

🔸While the bear market's claws drag ETH prices down, Ethereum network fees remain low. READ HERE🗞

🔸Aave DAO approves the launch of a collateral-backed Stablecoin called GHO.

🔸Tiffany’s reveals first NFTs—at $51,000 each. READ HERE 🗞

🔸Vitalik: Metaverse ‘Is going to happen’ but Meta’s ‘will misfire’. READ HERE🗞

🔸MoonXBT Lottery daily check-in is ongoing. Today's riddle: MoonXBT Perpetual Contracts supports 100x Leverage.

🌕 MoonXBT Global Team

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