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📢 MoonXBT Daily News 08.08

🔸Bitcoin hovers over $23K in weekend trading. READ HERE 🗞

🔸For 38 consecutive days Ethereum gas fees record the lowest rates since 2020.

🔸Polygon (MATIC) likely to surge ahead of Ethereum merge next month, says Coin Bureau host. READ HERE 🗞

🔸Nepal prepares to issue digital currency, drafts necessary amendments. READ HERE 🗞

🔸Tiffany & Co. NFT sale sells out, luxury jewelry retailer rakes in $12.5M in Ethereum.

🔸To further provide a better trading experience and enhance the liquidity on the stablecoin trading pairs for all users, MoonXBT is launching the Zero Trading Fee promotion.

🌕 MoonXBT Global Team

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