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MoonXBT Daily News 09.09

🔸Bitcoin price trades near support at $19.2k as all eyes focus on the Ethereum Merge. READ HERE🗞

🔸Ether price could ‘decouple’ from other crypto post Merge. READ HERE🗞

🔸Blockchain Gaming Juggernaut Hits $5.5B Valuation as Tamadoge Nears Price Increase. READ HERE🗞

🔸Queen Elizabeth II Ethereum NFT Tribute Project Holds Final Auction. READ HERE🗞

🔸Samsung reveals its first sales event to step into the metaverse. READ HERE🗞

🔸Yay! Thank God it's Friday again! Trade and Share 888 USDT event starts today! Good luck to all registered participants!!!

🌕 MoonXBT Global Team

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