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MoonXBT Has Listed The First 100x OP/USDT Liquid Contract

On June 1st, Optimism announced the airdrop of OP, the governance token of the project. This was historical news in the bear market.

Optimism was once valued at 9 billion dollars and invested in by top VCs like a16z and Paradigm, even Vitalik gave a high appraisal at the ETH summit.

So much good news has allowed Optimism the ability to start a new story of ETH Layer2, as OP attracts attention from crypto investors all over the world.

Optimism starts a new ETH L2 war, giving OP great potential

Optimism is an ETH L2 that can support ETH DApp smoothly with OVM. The transactions can be made on Optimism, and the data can be stored on ETH, ensuring both security and expandability.

What’s more, Optimism solves the problems of speed and gas costs. Basically, instant transactions can be realized on Optimism, so the efficiency and expansibility can be improved by about 10~100 times. As for gas rates, it is much cheaper to trade on Optimism than on ETH. At present, the basic fee to transfer on Optimism is 1.66 dollars, and on ETH the fee is 8.77 dollars. According to statistics, Optimism has saved gas fees of more than 3.35 billion dollars.

In summary, we can regard Optimism as a better EVM with higher expandability, better efficiency, and lower gas fees, while all still maintaining the same level of security. In the past year, Optimism saved gas fees of 1.1 billion dollars, deployed 6,800 smart contracts, and generated a revenue of 24.5 million dollars. All this data shows that Optimism is accelerating the development of ETH L2, which also gives its token, OP, great potential.

MoonXBT released OP/USDT contracts with 100x leverage

On June 1st, MoonXBT listed OP/USDT contract trading, with the first 100x leverage, as part of a MoonXBT Liquid Contract. Within an hour after the trading pair was listed, 30,000 transactions occurred, attracting attention from crypto investors worldwide.

The listing of OP/USDT shows that MoonXBT products, like the Liquid Contract, have great liquidity and allow crypto investors to enjoy better services and a greater variety of choices. MoonXBT will set the pace with an increased amount of high-quality projects and the promotion of featured products; like Trading Battle, Copy Trading, Social Forum, etc.

MoonXBT also offers listing services within 1~2 weekdays, along with market services like market maker service, market value management, and so on. Further promotion services are also available, including KOL, PR, mail, community, events, etc. Please contact us anytime.

Trade OP/USDT at:

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