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Operational Guidelines for Warrant Options (WEB)

Step 1 Log in to MoonXBT’s Website

Log in to your website account on MoonXBT’s Website.

Step 2. Complete identity verification

If they have not already, users must first complete identity authentication.

Step 3. Enter the Warrant options trading interface

Go to [Trade] in the top navigation bar, click the drop-down menu, and select [Warrant] to enter the Warrant trading interface.

Step 4. Transfer assets

Click the Transfer button, select the source account, and enter the amount (in USDT) to transfer assets to your options account.

Step 5. Buy call/put Warrant options

On this page, users can select the option type and expiration date. Then enter the quantity they want to purchase. The system will calculate the premium for the Warrant option, and users can click [Call] or [Put] to place the order.

Step 6. Confirm payment

Confirm the order information of the warrant option contract, such as the quantity, the strike price, the breakeven price, and the premium. The premium is the fee for purchasing the warrant option contract. Click [OK] to pay the premium.

After paying, the system deducts the premium from the options account. At the same time, the system calculates the breakeven price of the option contract. Call options are profitable when the underlying asset price rises above the breakeven price. Put options are profitable when the underlying price falls below the breakeven price. Users can exercise options in advance to lock in profits based on the breakeven price.

Step 7. Positions

Users can view their open warrant positions at the bottom of the options trading interface. The displayed information contains the period, quantity, strike price, and unrealized P&L. Users can also choose to exercise in advance on this page.

Step 8. Exercise and settlement

The user can wait until the product expires, and the warrant option contract automatically exercises and settles. Users can simultaneously exercise warrants in advance. Users can click [Exercise] to exercise their option in advance. The system will calculate the expected return based on the current underlying asset price.

Step 9. Historical Positions

Users can click [History] at the bottom of the options trading interface to view the historical orders. The displayed information contains the premium, income, and status for each order.

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