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Trader Code of Conduct

1. Traders are not allowed to express any views or opinions that defame or damage MoonXBT's reputation;

2. Traders are not allowed to promise earnings to followers to attract users for copy trading;

3. Traders need to do their best to help followers make profits,consider the risks of followers in a timely manner, and prohibit false orders in pursuit of high returns and high commissions;

4. Traders are not allowed to use high-risk,high-yield trading strategies, which pose an uncontrollable risk to their followers;

5. In order to protect the interests of followers, traders are not allowed to display, disclose or imply social accounts or contact details in nicknames, personal data and other information displays;

6. Traders are prohibited from using multiple accounts for malicious actions, and once found, they will be permanently disqualified from copying;

7. Traders must not have malicious behavior, including but not limited to maliciously generating orders to increase followers or funds,otherwise the community will permanently block traders ' accounts;

8.If the trader's copy-trading actions cause serious consequences, MoonXBT will take relevant measures according to the trader's trading behavior, including but not limited to disqualifying the trader, suspending the trader's account, etc.

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