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Trading Battle General Questions

MoonXBT recently launched the Trading Battle in the crypto world on APP.

What is the Trading Battle on MoonXBT APP?

Bearing our vision “simplicity, efficiency, integrity and friendliness” in mind, MoonXBT has always been developing new features to make the platform more engaging. And we do know that trading alone with no one to share or compete can be lonely. Thus, Trading Battle was created. You can be the game initiator: take just a small amount of USDT to create a Trading Battle and grab a share of game prize pool. Or you can be the game participant. Find the games that you prefer and join to compete with other traders. Besides the order profit, you are also able to get the game prize. Who can create Trading Battle? Criteria: hold over 10,000 MoonXBT Points or subscribed by over 10 subscribers. Not enough MoonXBT Points? Learn how to get it here : GO Not enough subscribers? We would like to recommend you to post more frequently on the forum. And high-quality posts have a better chance of being showed for the public. Also you can increase your public appearance by profiting more, which can be displayed on the ranking list. Do I need to pay to create Trading Battles? Yes, you just need to take 5 USDT to create a Trading Battle. But you will get 5% of the total prize pool. Low cost, high return. Unluckily, if no one joins the game when it ends, the creation fee will be refunded. How many Trading Battles can I create? For the present, one user can only create one game. Do I need to get the KYC verification approved when creating or joining Trading Battles? No, KYC verification is not needed here. But we feel obligated to let you know that KYC is mandatory for asset withdrawal. Do I need to pay to join Trading Battles? Yes. The registration fee is set at the creator’s side, ranging from 10 USDT to 1000 USDT. The prize pool is comprised of these registration fees. The higher the registration fee, the larger prize amount you can get. How many Trading Battles can I join at most? One user can only join 2 Trading Battles at a time. Once you join, you are not allowed to exit. And please be aware that only market orders can be connected while limit orders can not. How many Trading Battles altogether can MoonXBT hold? Now we can hold 20 Trading battles. What are the ranking and prize distribution rules? 1 The ROE is calculated by the system automatically. 2 Rate of return = profit of all open and closed orders during the competition/maximum margin of all open and close orders. 3 The ROE is 0% if the order is not connected to the Trading Battle 4 If the order is not closed when the Trading Battle ends, we will take the ROE of that order at the time the game ends 5 If ROE is the same, it will be ranked according to the following priority: the more the final margin of the order, the shorter the order entry time, the higher the ranking. The doughnut chart shows the total amount of the prize pool corresponding to the number of players currently participating in the game. When the number of participants is less than the specified number of winners, the first place will take all the prize money! When the number of participants is greater than or equal to the specified number of winners, the distribution will be displayed according to the doughnut chart. When will the prize be distributed to my account? The prize will be distributed immediately when that Trading Battle ends. Check your wallet timely. Hope this article illustrates clearly and can lead you to enjoy the game. GOOD LUCK AHEAD! Let's play Trading Battle to experience the challenges and excitement of crypto trade. The only limit is your imagination. Come and conquer the crypto world!

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