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What are MoonXBT Trading Battles?

MoonXBT Trading Battles are a fun and friendly way to trade with traders from all over the world and find out who is the best. In addition to your usual trading profit, you can snag a share of the prize pool by creating or participating in a Trading Battle.

At MoonXBT, we are constantly developing new features and upgrading existing ones. To make the platform more engaging and social. In the modern decentralized world, most traders trade on their own, simply with their devices; a computer, tablet, or mobile. But why trade on your own? Why not share the excitement, the ups, and downs, with your fellow traders? Why not even step it up a notch and pit your wits against other traders from all over the world? With the newly upgraded Moonxbt Trading Battles, you can do precisely that with a click of a button. Either create your own and invite other traders or join in or participate in Trading Battles created by other traders.

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