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How to let users to Copy Trade my orders?(APP)

In order to let users copy your trades, first it is required to be certified as a trader and complete the copy-trading order settings. Then let's first look at how to get a trader status.

1.Click [Explore]-[Copy-Trading] and click [Become a Trader] to check whether you meet the requirements of a trader application

2.When you meet the application requirements, click OK to submit the application, and the application will be approved within 2 hours!

3.Click [Check application] to view the review result

4.When you see [Review passed], it proves that you have passed the review, click [Set up now] to complete the copy-trading order settings

5.Here you can set the profit distribution ratio, trading pairs, and tags according to your preferences. Click [ok] to complete the copy-trading order setting

Once you complete this step, you have become a MoonXBT trader!

From now on, all market orders will be eligible for copy-trading by users! Go ahead and trade!

How to adjust Copy-Trading settings?

1.In the [Copy-Trading], click [My Copy-Trades] to enter the copy-trading order settings homepage. Here you can see ROR, Win rate, Number of transactions, Positions, My followers, and profit distribution data displayed on the front end.

2.Click [Profit details] to view the profit details

3.Click [Settings] to modify the settings of the copy-trading order

How to cancel the trader status?

Click [Cancel trader id] on the [Copy-trading page] and click [ok] on the pop-up window to cancel successfully!

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