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Why Copy traders do not have profits in copy trading?

The following text is about the causes and solutions of non-profit copy-trading orders for traders.

1. Traders do not have followers.

Without followers, traders cannot gain profits from followers’ orders. To solve this problem, traders need to find investors(followers) and attract investors to copy trading. For example, trader A has a new follower B. Once B's copy-trading orders make profits, A can get shared profits from B's copy-trading. But B will receive profits from own orders only instead of copy-trading.

2. Traders have followers but do not have profits.

Traders and followers can share profits in copy trading orders. If followers’ orders make profits, traders also receive profits from their followers, vice versa.

There are two situations when following a trader.

1)Orders have profits

For example, trader A has 10 copy-trading orders from followers. And the profit portion of these 10 orders will be shared to in a proportion set by A.

2)Orders do not have profits or have a negative profit

If followers' orders make zero or negative profits, their copy-trading traders will not be affected by it. Traders will get shared profits from orders making positive profits.

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