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Copy-Trading Follower FAQ

1. How to copy-trade traders?

You can choose to follow multiple traders. After following, their trading actions will be synchronized. The steps are as follows:

(a) View trader data information;

(b) Select a trader and complete the copy-trading settings;

(c) After completing the settings, the copy-trading will be started.

2. What to pay attention to when copy trading?

Please make sure that you meet the following conditions when you copy the trader, otherwise the copy will fail:

(a) Account balance is not less than 20 USDT

(b) The number of traders whom you copy at the same time does not exceed 5 people

After following successfully, please note:

(a) Margin cannot be added for copied orders;

(b) You cannot modify stop-profit and stop-loss in copied orders ;

(c) The copy order time is determined by the original trader's order;

(d) All copy orders will be executed by market order.

3. How can I view my copy-trading data?

The copy-trading data can be viewed in "[Explore]-[Copy-Trading]-[My copies]":

(a) You can view the current copy-trading data, and cannot perform operations such as margin call, but you can close the position in advance;

(b) You can view all historical copy-trading data;

(c) You can view the traders you are currently copying, as well as the income that you get from your followers, and you can edit copy-trading settings;

(d) You can view all the traders that you have ever copied, as well as all the copy-trading income that you received from your followers.

4. How to choose the copy-trading settings?

Followers can choose a copy-trading settings of the trader:

(a) You can choose the trading pair to copy;

(b)Copy-Trading margin mode, fixed margin mode: Regardless of the amount of the trader's order margin, the order will be copied in accordance with the fixed margin.

(c)You can set the margin upper limit for a single order.

5. Can I cancel copy-trading?

Followers can unsubscribe at any time. After cancellation, subsequent orders will no longer copy the trader open/close positions. Orders that have been copied will continue to be in the copying state until the trader closes the position. There are two ways to cancel:

(1) Active Cancellation: Edit the copy-trading settings and directly cancel copying.

(2) Passive cancellation: If you fail to copy the order 20 times due to insufficient balance, the system will automatically cancel its copy-trading.

6. Are there any restrictions on copy-trading?

There are some restrictions on copy-trading. If the conditions are not met, you will not be able to to place the copy-trading order:

(a) The sum of daily copyable margin must not exceed 50000 USDT;

(b) The account balance needs to meet the billing requirements.

7. Is there any difference between a copy-trading order and a normal order?

There are some differences between copy-trading orders that follow traders to open positions and ordinary orders:

(a) Margin cannot be added for copied orders;

(b) Stop-profit and stop-loss cannot be modified for copied orders ;

(c) The leverage of the copied order is determined by the original trader's order;

(d)All copy orders are executed by market order.

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