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Copy-Trading Trader FAQ

1. How to become a trader?

You can take the initiative to apply for a trader status on the WEB platform or mobile app "[Copy-Trading]-[Become a Trader]" or contact online customer service to apply for a trader status. When you meet the following conditions, you can apply for a trader status:

(a) Deposit ≥500USDT

(b) Number of orders ≥ 5

2. What should I pay attention to when applying for a trader status?

Please make sure that when you apply for a trader status, you meet the following conditions, otherwise the application will fail:

(a) There are no open orders

(b) You are not currently copying other traders

3. After becoming a trader, can I set orders for copying directly?

No, after the review is passed, you still need to complete the order settings before you can officially let the order to be copied. Select your order transaction pair on the trading page, and open the position at the market price to let the order being copied. Please note that limit orders are not eligible for copy-trading.

4. As a trader, which of my data will be disclosed?

After becoming a trader, some of your information will be published as follows:

(a) Status lifetime: Calculated from the day of getting the trader status;

(b) Rate of return of your copied orders: the largest margin for opening a position for all orders with a return/all orders;

(c) Win rate of your copied orders: the number of all copied orders with positive returns/the number of all copied orders;

(d)Number of transactions: the number of copied orders;

(e )Copied orders trading pair: the copied orders category selected by the trader;

(f)Profit sharing ratio: The profit sharing ratio of net income at daily settlement.

(g)Number of followers: Current number of followers and maximum number of followers

Note: You can view the detailed position data in "My Copy trades" or on the trading page; you can view the profit sharing and daily profit sharing in the profit distribution details (settled at 0 o'clock every day).

5. Can I modify the stop-profit and stop-loss while during the order placement for copying?

Yes. You can set stop-profit and stop-loss when placing an order, or modify the stop-profit and stop-loss after the order is successfully placed;

6. How can I close a position?

You can close the position in "My copy trades" or "Trading Page";

7. Are there any restrictions on copy-trading orders?

Copy-trading orders have some restrictions. When the conditions are not met, the order will become a normal order (followers will not copy):

(a) The sum of Copy-trade's position margin cannot exceed 50000 USDT;

(b) The number of orders that can be held simultaneously cannot exceed 10;

(c) The number of copy-trades available per day cannot exceed 100.

Note: Margin cannot be added during copy-trade orders.

8. What is the difference between Copy-trade orders and ordinary orders?

(a)All copy-trade order transactions are based on market prices;

(b)Margin cannot be added during copy-trade orders.

(c)Followers will copy your leverage to place orders by default.

9.Can both market orders and Trigger orders be eligible for copy-trading?

Yes, both are eligible for copy-trading! It should be noted that only after Trigger orders are executed, only then they are eligible for copy-trading.

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